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I got familiar with paper cut technique during an art camp in summer of 2008. I could work more easily with an enthusiastic group of people. All this inspired me to create my own ideas in a different way.

As on my latest paper cuts can be seen the initially uncertain shapes are became more determined and high precision developed of different colours of paper and other materials (lace, feathers, glitter glues, crystals) has enriched the compositions.

On my pictures the "eternal woman" appears in all ways. My female figures embody the living, the dreamlike and idealized women with all of their beauty and gracefulness; sometimes sadly, sometimes wistfully, heated from erotic or as a dancing girl, as a modest or even an ambitious, strong woman looking to the viewer.
The prices of the paper cuts depends on the quantity of the used material, the time needed for making and the decoration of the art works are from 30.000 HUF.

You can buy directly from the artist!

For ordering or pricelist please contact: